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The OpExtion SOE model was designed to resolve the recurring issue experienced by hundreds of organistions spending tens of thousands on process maps, change initiatives and automation solutions only for the promised business benefits to never materialise. 

There is another PROVEN way.


Consistency and quality of services are essential components for any business.  When this becomes unpredictable customer complaints and operational costs increase whilst staff culture is impacted.

Using the Sustained Operational Excellence (SOE) model, OpExtion will help you identify the root cause of operational performance issues including culture, behaviour, business processes and technology solutions.  Our insight will help stabilise the services you provide, improve end to end productivity and identify opportunities to automate. 

Our Operational Leadership coaching will also focus on reducing operational risk, help you identify and focus on your strategic objectives and set key performance measures.


Mentoring and Coaching

With over 25 years of experience transforming Financial Institutions and leading teams of up to 4,000 people, Dan provides significant breadth and depth with hands-on knowledge and techniques to help you and your leadership team achieve high performance, engagement, and personal growth. 

"I didn't get the opportunity to finish school or go to university so I developed techniques and practices to perform at a higher level than my peer groups.  Delivering BAU and accepting the status quo would have been the easy way to fit in.  For things to change, first I had to change."

Dan rapidly progressed his career to a Senior Executive in some of the world's largest banks and is currently a Non-executive Director at a highly successful privately-owned FinTech company.  Dan specialises in mentoring and coaching both new and experienced leaders on dealing with adversity, stakeholder management, strategic thinking, and operational excellence. 

Dan will help you challenge and test your belief systems in a friendly, fun and conversational environment so you feel safe and empowered to challenge and test the boundaries.  

"For things to change, first you must change"


Winning the hearts and minds of the organisation is the difference between managing and leading.

Be the difference.

Keynote Speaker

As an Irish-Australian Dan thrives on sharing stories based on his vast experience and engages audiences through fun, facts, and deep insights. 

Topics include:

  • Leading through Adversity

Through Dan's career, he has had to lead teams through major challenges including terrorist bombs (London), aggressive mergers and acquisitions, insourcing, outsourcing,  downsizing, restructures and major system and business outages.  With insights from hands-on experiences, Dan will share the tools and techniques he developed to help audiences and teams recognise their ability to deal with any adversity. 


  • Transforming business processes through people, process and technology

Dan will provide deep insights, lessons and strategic thinking using multiple case studies of how he transformed the end to end processes of different Financial Services organisations delivering benefits including a 173% increase in conversion rates, a 50% reduction in operational losses and growth in market share.

  • Managing Non-Financial Risk through processes, culture and trust

Dan will provide insights, learnings and future state thinking on developing a robust and strategic approach to non-financial risk leadership based on his experience as Chief Process Officer at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and leading over 4,000 operations and credit decision staff through the Royal Commission and APRA review.  

  • Digital isn't the only Disruption

As a senior executive in multiple national and global banks and more recently as the Chief Process Officer at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Dan will share his approach that delivered significant operational benefits including achieving the internationally accredited ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, a first for any bank in Australasia.  Dan will share his 'Conscious Thinking, Conscious Decisioning' model and framework that will enable any organisation to identify, manage, and govern their high impact processes through major operational transformations. 

  • Transforming BAU into Excellence

Dan has led teams from 20 to 4,000 staff in IT and Business Operations across multiple continents.  His career progressed quickly as he always delivered exceptional business improvements.  Dan will share the tools, techniques and leadership style that increased staff engagement, capability growth, and operational benefits.  One thing is for sure, Dan won't hold back on the lessons, insights and perhaps sometimes the language!


Transforming BAU into Excellence

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