Keynote Speaker & Coach

Dan O'Neill Speaking

Dan provides a refreshingly honest approach to speaking, mentoring and coaching using case studies, insights and techniques that will engage audiences who are keen to learn from real-life challenges, mistakes and successes.

Dan’s breadth and depth of experience leading small, medium and large scale Business Operations, Technology Divisions, and Board roles enable him to provide rich content and experiences from his time with major national and global banks. He has co-authored published papers with Queensland University of Technology, presented keynote speeches and articles on many topics including:

  • Home Loan Transformation,
  • Digital Automation,
  • Improving non-financial and operational risk,
  • Transforming customer experiences,
  • End to End Process Architecture & Governance,
  • Dealing with Adversity,
  • Operational Performance Management,
  • Activity-based Working, and
  • Business Process Improvements

“Coming from humble beginnings, I had to develop techniques and practices to progress my career by continuously learning and outperforming.  I never understood the concept of just delivering BAU or accepting the status quo. Being curious and delivering experiences that customers love has always been a key driver for me.”

Dan rapidly progressed his career as a Senior Executive in some of the world’s largest banks leading over 4,000 staff and delivering major transformation programs. Dan will help you challenge and test your belief systems in a friendly, fun and conversational environment so you feel safe and empowered to challenge and test the boundaries.  

For things to change, first you must change.

Jim Rohn

Keynote Speaker:

  • Mortgage Loans Innovation Conference – Chair and Keynote Speaker – Singapore
  • Chief Customer Officer Forum – Workshop facilitator – Melbourne
  • BPM 2019 – presentation of academic paper – Vienna
  • Chief Customer Officer Forum – Keynote speaker – Sydney
  • BPM Asia – Keynote speaker – New Delhi
  • EFMA – Keynote Speaker, Barcelona

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