Improving End-to-End Customer Experiences

Running an efficient end-to-end business requires a daily mantra of Murphy’s law “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” or as the Scouts would say “Be prepared”. It also helps if you’re Irish “To be sure, To be sure”.

Far from slowing experiences down, knowing where and how effective your risks and controls are will help you provide fast, efficient and consistent experiences. Similar to motor racing, the better the brakes the faster you can go.

From personal experience, meeting regularly with peers across the end-to-end value-chain to review the effectiveness of existing controls, and remove potential duplications is a surefire way of identifying issues early and removing any frustrating bottlenecks.

Knowing your business means knowing your risks and looking for the evidence your controls are being effective. Listening out for “we check it, just in case” across the process tells you that there are opportunities to improve turnaround times and reduce rework.

When’s the last time you held and end-to-end (cross-division) review of your key customer experiences?

4 years ago


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